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Why DesignGib exists and who we’re for

…..and we’ve launched. We’re happy to be opening shop! I wanted to take the time to talk through how DesignGib came about, the vision for the business and our key company values which we stand by. After a stint working within the advertising and design space I’ve recognised first hand the real need for easy, flexible graphic design for small and local businesses. As a small business owner you currently have three options in order to get graphic designs for your flyers, business cards or other such assets;

  1. Bring on an agency: A good option but often costly and charge huge amounts for only minor tasks.
  2. Hire a freelancer: Availability issues (particularly if remote) while not always working consistently.
  3. Employ a full time graphic designer: Not always feasible, particularly if you can’t sustain a steady work flow.

Frankly, these don’t cut it. And so, DesignGib was born with a mix of agency style working, without the crazy prices. We’re based in the create hub of Brighton, UK and we’ve carefully selected expert designers around the world to form a focused group dedicated to building great local designs at a reasonable price. Why? Because business owners shouldn’t have to settle for shoddy design work that either doesn’t stand out or just plain sucks. With DesignGib you can request unlimited graphic designs exactly when you need them. We aim to get them back within just a couple of days (we hope to speed this up!) So if you’re just starting a cafe in your area we can get you setup with a logo, menu, flyers all within 1 fixed monthly cost. We also don’t do long confusing contracts so you’re free to simply cancel whenever you need to.

DesignGib company values

We don’t want to be like other graphic design businesses. They’re often stretched few and far between across a range of different customers. DesignGib’s mission is fully focused on delivering the best experience possible. By focusing on small businesses and local agencies, it means a better output for you. In order to keep us this focused on our mission we’ve created a key set of values that we will always aim to stand by:

  • We’ll always strive for strong partnerships through transparency
  • Consistently recognise our responsibility for your business
  • Ensure quality in everything we do: what we do, we want to do well
  • We will always take the ethical route, no matter what

Creating DesignGib over the past couple of months has been a great adventure. We want to continue on our path and we hope that you’ll join us too. Head on over to our homepage to hear more or let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Chris @ DesignGib

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