How to choose a graphic designer for small business

How to choose a graphic designer for your small business

Growing your own business comes with all kinds of challenges. From supporting your own customers to hiring new employees, it can be difficult to get things right the first time. So when it comes to graphic design, how can you minimize errors so that you’re getting the right kind of graphics your small business needs?

Use Trusted Sources

Finding the right graphic designer for your small business will always start with where to look. If you were in need of repairs for your vehicle, would your first thought be to go to the one you’ve seen down the road? Perhaps, but it might not be the best. You would likely put some research into it and assess the reputation. Finding a graphic designer for your local business is no different.

Depending on what type of designer you are looking for, it may be best to compile a list of trusted sites you can find graphic designers on. If you’re looking for a freelancer you could use sites such as UpWork or Fiverr.

UpWork and Fiverr

 Although these sites are quite hit or miss depending on who you pick. You can still find real gems between the cracks of course. The positive to these websites also means you can come back and use them again without having to do the research.

Background Checks

Similar to fixing your car, if you’re looking for somebody to look after your pet while on vacation, chances are you will carry out a background check. Nobody wants to end up in a bad situation so ensuring you do a thorough background check minimises the risk. You may want to consider these points when doing such due diligence:

    • Previous work – Most designers will share their own portfolio of work when putting themselves out to the market. It’s really important to take a look, as often designers may have varying styles of work. By researching portfolios beforehand you can decide whether you feel the graphic design is the right fit for you. Be cautious with this however, as occasionally workers will still try to game the system by using others work as their own.
    • Ratings – Many sites, particularly when looking for freelancers, will have a rating system. As an example, the UpWork Success Score for freelancers is calculated by two key variations. Successful contract outcomes and negative outcomes. This is then divided by the total number of contracts to score the freelancer overall. These scores can be a great way to filter out the bad designers from the good so you are more likely to get the best for your small business.
    • Personal profile – Similar to any network of people, every freelancer will have their own individual profile. This may include valuable information such as location, years of experience and hours of work. Be sure to scrutinize every little detail for the right match. You may also need to weigh up whether to go for the cheaper but less experienced designer or pay that little extra and go with a seasoned pro.
    • Search – Google is your best friend here. Think you have found somebody who has strong positives for all the above? Great! Be sure to give them a quick Google search. By doing so it may throw up some last minute bad apples, such as negative reviews or copyright issues. It can be this extra filter that means the difference between somebody doing great or terrible work.

Starting Small

When hiring a graphic designer for the first time it is super important to remember to start small. Try not to throw your business in at the deep end. It is usually best to not start with that fifty strong design agency based in the best part of town. Start lean and you can build your own way up as your business grows. This saves you money which can then be spent on other parts of your business.

A Different Approach

Don’t want the hassle of filtering through freelancers or hiring an expensive agency? Luckily there is another way! DesignGib offers super simple packages of unlimited design for small businesses. With one affordable monthly cost you can ditch the effort of finding a graphic designer and work with an expert team of agile designers to help your business grow. Interested? Take a look at our How it works page.


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